I'm Jorge, nice to meet you. (pronounced Hor-hay or George) or you can call me "J".)


Thank you for stopping by. Welcome to my site!

When I photograph a wedding, I get excited about all the people that come together to celebrate this occasion. You can see the love in a bride and groom's eyes throughout the day and the joy of family members and friends who have traveled near and far to be part of such an important moment in their life. I'm grateful to be able to capture a time like this where so many loved ones are united for a big celebration. It's an honor to be part of this gathering from beginning to end, and I'm passionate about documenting this day for my couples. 

Weddings can be stressful even with all the planning. So many guests and vendors to deal with and before you know it the day is here. That's why I create a timeline for you that makes everything go as smooth as possible. Even if you don't have an event planner, we go over the day hour by hour to make sure that the images that are most important to you are captured. After photographing so many weddings, I've learned how much time to allocate to each part of the day and do my best to pass my experience onto you so you can enjoy the day and leave the rest to me. 

About Jorge Castillo

My family is originally from Cuenca, Ecuador in South America and I was born in Brooklyn, NY. I moved to Florida when I was about 14 and spent the rest of my time in the Hollywood area. I've always enjoyed being so close to the beach and you can't beat the amazing weather. Later, I studied Graphic Design in college and through many years of mentorships trained in lighting. Photography has allowed me to express myself and live a lifestyle that I love while providing something beautiful to my clients. Today, I specialize full-time in Weddings, Events, Portraits & Headshots. My style can be described as clean & minimalistic. 

When I'm not photographing an event, I love to travel, working out & meditating. I enjoy meeting people from all backgrounds, cultures, & faiths. I've come to see that everyone, no matter how different they are, wants to be happy, healthy, & spend time with loved ones. I strongly believe in unity and feel that we are truly better together.